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Seductive Swaziland
Seductive Swaziland

Trance Dance with The Ancestors
Trance Dance


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Seductive Swaziland &
Trance Dancing with The Ancestors

Seductive Swaziland
Safari Descriptions

Seductive Swaziland

Swaziland is a tiny, landlocked, mountain kingdom, smaller than the nearby Kruger National Park. Yet, despite its lack of stature  it is the unexpected  custodian of many secrets of man’s evolution, prehistoric civilization, African culture and even of life itself.  Here hidden in the second oldest mountains in the world are the earliest signs of life on our planet – a blue-green algae that dates back 4 billion years. The same mountains harbour a mine that, at over 43000 years old, allows Swaziland to boast the longest example of cultural continuity. Bushman paintings and numerous stone age implements help to form a poignant link in our understanding of the  development of modern man but it is the fact that African culture is fiercely protected by the last true monarch  in Africa that makes Swaziland truly alluring. Swaziland, where traditional garb is considered formal wear alongside pin-striped suits, is the last outpost for many of Africa’s major traditional ceremonies and Peter Comley invites you to share one of these unique events with him where tens of thousands of maidens in traditional costume dance to catch their king’s eye.

This trip offers:

  • Attendance at the Umhlanga Reed Festival plus two days build up when the girls start their preparations.
  • Umphakatsi experience – visit a local chief at her home.
  • Sunset  at Execution rock where past kings had detractors hurled from the cliff.
  • Short educational with the museum designer to the National museum. Excellent displays allow for a quick understanding of the country’s  history.
  • Ngwenye mine a visit to the oldest mine in the world.
    Bushman Paintings - a chat on the world’s early artists, their paint techniques and their culture including trance dancing.
  • Visit the mountains that harbour the oldest known life forms on earth.
  • Keep an eye out for a blue swallow – a vulnerable bird with a worldwide population of less than 4000 and declining.
  • Mantenga Cultural village – highly recommended for its authenticity. 
  • Sibebe -climb what is arguably the world’s largest single granite rock in search of caves that were occupied by primitive peoples.
  • Mkhaya Game Reserve -wildlife is culturally vital and this is an superb example of conservation – particularly of rhino.
  • Bob Forrester – Swazi born archaeologist, rock art expert, museum designer will join us for various activities.
  • Local cultural experts will also accompany us.  If you have a special interest tell us and we will source the local expert in that field.
  • Accommodation experience in traditional (but modernised) beehive huts.
  • Muguga Dam – scenic setting plus evening boat cruise and discussion on the influence of dams on ecology and indigenous folk.

Time End of August - Beginning of Sept
Duration 7 nights, 8 days


Trance Dance with The Ancestors
Trance Dancing with the Ancestors

Trance Dancing with the Ancestors

We are all descended from one common female and science indicates that this shared ancestor was a Bushman (or San as they are alternatively called). The Bushmen have been among the most persecuted of all people who were virtually hunted to extinction by the early part of last century. Experience the openness and generosity of spirit of a people who were, quite unbelievably, on hunting license just eighty years ago and join them at a trance dance festival.  Go on a traditional hunt with them and learn about their extensive plant knowledge and ways to find water in a desert.      

This trip offers

  • A close encounter with the oldest peoples on earth and from whom we all evolved.
  • Insight into a culture that is under extreme pressure from the global village.
  • Dance, hunt and eat with these gentle people.
  • Learn about their plant uses from Africa’s leading medicinal plant expert, Nigel Gericke.
  • Your guide Peter Comley has been leading Bushman expeditions for 25 years and will reveal many of their ancient ways that have survived to the present day.
  • Accompany these ancient hunters, who will use only traditional bow and arrows and spears, on a hunt in the Kalahari.
  • Visit the “Birth Place of Man” – Tsodilo Hills where hundreds of rock paintings have survived the ravages of time.
  • Encounter different tribes – red skinned, porcelain skinned and brown skinned San in their own regions. 
  • Visit the technological town that was developed by the Botswana government to make life more comfortable outside the Park. Experience the anomaly of a grass beehive hut next to a solar-powered modern hospital.
  • Cross the Central Kalahari to meet people who have chosen to return to their ancestral lands.
  • Find out about the political struggle for the future of these people.

Time:                  September
Duration:             Fourteen days



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